EFPIA Disclosure 2015

Grünenthal’s commitment 

Grünenthal is a member of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) and supports the new EFPIA Disclosure (Transparency) code of conduct. As a member of EFPIA we are fully committed to publish our collaboration with healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organizations (HCOs) to demonstrate that we interact with HCPs and HCOs in an ethical and transparent way.


Transfers of value done to HCPs and HCOs during 2016 are published together with a methodological note how Grünenthal is collecting and disclosing the data in the reports. Transfers of values to HCPs and HCOs are published by the Grünenthal affiliate of the country of the recipient and will include also transfers of values which are made by any other affiliate from Grünenthal.

Depending on the country regulations the information will be either published on the website of the respective Grünenthal affiliate or in a public registry which is being made available by the respective countries.  

The complete overview of the transfers of values for the whole Group can be found below and is accessible via the short link: http://www.transparency.grunenthal.com

Data Protection Notice

“Grünenthal is committed to handling personal data in a manner that is both responsible and compliant with applicable law. In that regard, we have obtained the consent of the HCPs and HCOs to publish their personal data on our websites for transparency purposes in accordance with EFPIA standards. However, the consent we have obtained is limited to the particular purpose of publication on our websites and the use of this information for any other purpose is prohibited since it would infringe the data protection rights of the HCPs and HCOs.

For a good understanding of the reporting included in our disclosures, as published on this website, we refer to the Methodological Note that clarifies the meaning and content of the transfers of value reported.”


















Password 2015: Transparencia.2015


Compliance Contact:

In case of any question please send an email to compliance@grunenthal.com.

If there are questions regarding the  disclosure or the data stored by Grünenthal GmbH or a  demand that Grünenthal GmbH corrects, blocks or deletes any Personal Data, please contact Grünenthal GmbH in such case under transparency@grunenthal.com.

The given consent for the disclosure of the transfers of values may be revoked at any time without any reason and detrimental effect.  Please address your revocation to transparency@grunenthal.com.