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The Initiative to optimize the Treatment of Acute and Chronic Pain

In 2009, Grünenthal started an international initiative called CHANGE PAIN® ( which aims to understand the needs of pain patients and develops solutions to improve the management of pain.

Since the initiative was launched in 12 European countries in 2009, CHANGE PAIN® already has a history of success in the area of chronic pain management. A great number of tools have been developed to make physicians’ daily practice easier and more than 65,000 healthcare professionals have been involved in CHANGE PAIN® educational activities, either completing web-based learning modules or attending workshops across Europe.

Furthermore, since 2015, the CHANGE PAIN® initiative aims to raise awareness of the unmet needs in post-operative pain management and to develop solutions that improve post-operative pain management across Europe.

Initiated by Grünenthal and endorsed by the European Pain Federation (EFIC®), the initiative involves pain experts from across Europe.

Key objectives of CHANGE PAIN® are to generate a better understanding of physicians‘ and patients‘ perspectives, publish the results of research projects and communicate findings in scientific publications, as well as to increase knowledge of pain physiology and the unmet needs in pain management to facilitate individual treatment decisions.

The PAIN EDUCATION programme continuously provides healthcare professionals with up-to-date scientific know-how on pain – to strengthen the expertise and support better outcomes in pain management by educating on a modern treatment approach. Healthcare professionals can acquire CME (continuous medical education) points by participating in the online learning modules.