Our Recruitment Process

Is Grünenthal the right Employer for you and can we offer a Job to you that fits your Potential, Skills and Career Ambition?

With the help of our recruitment process, we aim to find the right match between your skill set and experience and the requirements of our business. 

We recognise that the recruitment and retention of our employees is a key element in the ongoing success of Grünenthal. The aim/ objective of our recruitment process is to ensure that we clearly understand your career goals, experience and motivation, and you have the opportunity to find out whether Grünenthal is the right company for you.

With this website, we would like to give you an impression of what Grünenthal stands for as a company, as well as the products and services we provide. At the same time you get to know our ways of working, our corporate values, our employees, and the Grünenthal spirit. 

Step 1: Initial Screening of Application Documents

Once your application is received this is where the process begins. On the basis of your motivation letter, your resume and all other documents such as letter of recommendations and certificates, we screen your motivation, skills, qualifications and experience against our requirements. You will receive an email notification to confirm the receipt of your application.

Step 2: Initial Telephone-Interview (optional)

Our telephone interview is designed to pre-assess your communication skills and motivation. The responsible HR Manager will be asking you to tell us about your motivation while you have the chance to learn more about Grünenthal and the position you have applied for.

Step 3: Face to Face Interview on-site

Based on the information you have provided, you may be invited to attend a face to face interview with representatives from/of Grünenthal. You will meet your potential line manager and the responsible HR Manager in a personal interview in order to clarify all of the questions you might have. We will present the company to you, explain our core-requirements of the job and discuss future development perspectives. In a family owned company like Grünenthal, personality counts most. That is why we want to get to know you as a person, what drives you in your personal life and in your professional career, what are your goals, motivation, and values.

Step 4: Final Second Stage Interview Round

After a successful face to face interview we want to give you the chance to meet your future colleagues and some of the major/ important interfaces in your position. Depending on the role you have applied for, you may be required to participate in simulation exercises such as role plays or presentations to identify your suitability and your individual potential and areas where we can help you to optimize your skills.