Your Application

What should the Application contain?

Please send us your cover letter, CV, references (if present) as well as your current credentials (training certificates, university diplomas, employment testimonials).

What should my Cover Letter contain?

  • An indication of the position which you are applying for in the subject line.
  • What is it about this position in particular which interests you?
  • Why do you believe that you in particular are the right person for the position?
  • When will you be able to begin working in this position?
  • The letter should not exceed one DIN A4 page.

What should my CV contain?

  • Address, telephone, E-mail address.
  • Relevant internships and/or professional experience.
  • School/education/course of studies.
  • Free-time activities and social involvement.
  • The CV should not exceed two DIN A4 pages.

When can I expect to receive Feedback on my Application?

We will send you a confirmation of receipt within a few days, in which we will inform you of the further process.

What can I do if there are no Vacancies in my desired Field of Activities?

If you cannot find a matching job offer on our homepage, then we will be glad to receive a spontaneous application from you. We will contact you if a suitable position opens up at a later point in time.

Whom should I send my Application; who is my Contact Person?

You will find a contact person in the job description to whom your application should be addressed. If you apply to us spontaneously, please use our general contact data.