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Grünenthal Pharma Limited

This Internet site provide information regarding Grünenthal with their products and services. In the event of country-specific enquiries, please contact Grünenthal's representative in the relevant country directly. Please address general questions to:


Grünenthal Pharma Limited
4045 Kingswood Road
Citywest Business Park
Co. Dublin

Registered in Ireland: No. 317040

Registered Office: 4045 Kingswood Road, Citywest Business Park, Citywest, Co Dublin




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“Business team” © dishapaun (2)
“Cliffs of Moher, Ireland” © espiegle
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“Depression” © ARTSUS
“Digital Tablet” © hocus focus
“Elderly african woman” © poco_bw
“Flags” © Bonerok
“Little exploring” © brunette
“Little Help from a Friend” © MichaelSvoboda
“Message in a bottle” © archives
“Morning Windmill” © MudGuy 
“Pain and Sadness” © EricVega
“Samuel Beckett bridge” © sasar
“Scientific Research” © nicolas_
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“Mature woman with head in hands and eyes closed, close-up" © Christopher Robbins
“Stressed businessman" © Comstock Images
“Teacher and pupils in classroom at elementary school, Lhasa, Tibet" © Danita Delimont
“Woman walking in a wheat field, © Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy

All other images © Grünenthal.