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Patients are at the heart of everything we do. Using our expertise and passion for science, we develop innovative solutions that directly address patients’ unmet needs.

Pain is one of the most common reasons why people seek medical help. Experts estimate that tens of millions of people experience moderate to severe pain with no access to adequate treatment. Chronic pain is a widespread health problem and although few people die of pain, many die in pain and even more live in pain.

Pain has an enormous impact on quality of life: from low functionality to anxiety and depression, the comorbidities associated to chronic pain heavily impact the lives of patients with intractable pain and it is only understandable that patients with chronic pain hold huge hopes for effective and innovative solutions.

  • To harness the power of science, we carry out integrated research and development to find innovative solutions for the treatment of pain whether such solutions are drugs or state-of-the-art technologies, our objective is to relieve pain.
  • Understanding the patients’ journey is key to our work as it contextualizes our research and helps us understand where we need to create value along that journey from the first onset of symptoms to treatment initiation and beyond.
  • Actively involving patients during research and development is key as it enables Grünenthal to integrate real life experiences into the study design and ultimately, to create solutions that really improve their lives.

We are tirelessly developing life changing innovations that challenge the status quo.

Working hand-in-hand with patients, academics, healthcare professionals and policy makers, we are determined to develop unique solutions addressing diseases with high unmet needs. If we can have a significant and real impact on these people’s lives, then we have made their hopes a reality.

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If you need more information about our products please contact us via the email address or our Medical Information Direct Line below:

E-Mail: medicalinformationie@grunenthal.com
Phone: + 44 870 351 8960

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Our products

For more than five decades we have been working hard and with great dedication to provide solutions for patients with high unmet medical needs. Our ambition is to deliver five new products by 2022, may it be tablets, patches or medical devices. If you are a healthcare professional, find out what we have already achieved so far by exploring our therapeutic range.
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“My pain feels like”

It’s important that patients are able to describe their symptoms in as much detail as possible to allow early diagnosis and effective treatment. This insight has prompted us to develop the “My pain feels like…” initiative, aimed at facilitating communication between patients and physicians. To play an active role in the treatment process we create the tool ‘my pain questionnaire’ for the patients. This initiative is helping patients to describe their pain to their doctor.
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