Compliance, Ethics & Transparency

Compliance, Ethics & Transparency Excellence

Aiming for excellence in the areas of compliance, ethics and transparency is at the core of our daily business. We operate in line with high ethical standards and continuously strive for excellence.

Our sustainability ambition
Continuous development of our state-of-the-art Compliance and Ethics Framework, which we relaunched worldwide in 2018.

How we bring our ambitions to life


completion rate for training about our Code of Conduct, conflicts of interest and corporate responsibility by March 2023.

Providing a framework for our actions

Our culture and compliance system are built around our Code of Conduct. It provides a framework for our actions. Compliance officers are integrated into decision-making bodies across the organisation. They act with full independence and report directly to the Chief Responsibility Officer.

Bringing our Compliance and Ethics Framework to life

At Grünenthal, ongoing dialogue and training bring our global Compliance and Ethics Framework to life. We expect our business partners to act lawfully and with integrity, and we provide a 24-hour Ethics Helpline for any questions or concerns.

Impact Initiative: Digital outreach and data ethics

We have a Corporate Digital Responsibility Framework to make sure all employees bring our company’s ethical values and principles to life when engaging in digital activities. The Framework consists of our Digital Ethics Charter, as well as a governance structure, and training and guidance for the most common and relevant digital activities.

“Everything we do is guided by our deep commitment to strong values and ethical behaviour.”

Pablo Sastre Puche

Initiative Lead, Compliance Officer Global Digital Processes


The Grünenthal Code of Conduct sets out our commitment to the highest ethical standards. Everybody in our organisation has the responsibility to live up to these standards in their daily work. All employees sign the Code of Conduct when joining Grünenthal.
... Code of Conduct

We are committed to ethical business practices, and we only work with business partners who uphold the same high standards. To ensure this, we established our Code of Conduct for Business Partners, which must be signed before formally entering into a partnership.
... Code of Conduct for Business Partners

We encourage everyone to report any questions, doubts or suspicions they may have by contacting our Ethics Helpline. The confidential internet-based platform can be used 24/7. Every complaint or concern is investigated by our Compliance organisation. We take appropriate action whenever necessary.
... Ethics Helpline

Ethical Business

Grünenthal’s Charter on the Responsible Use of Opioids sets out our commitment to exploring and endorsing measures that minimise the risk of inappropriate and illegitimate use of prescription opioids – while striving to ensure that individual patients with a clear need for opioid-based pain relief are not denied access.
... Opioid Charter

We are committed to conducting business in a legal, ethical and honest manner. We have a strict Anti-Corruption Policy, a Fair Market Value Tool and strict approval processes for transfers of value. These measures ensure that we do not tolerate corruption in any form.
... Anti-Corruption Policy

We handle all personal data responsibly. We conduct all of our data processing activities in line with applicable legal standards such as the GDPR, and we also adhere to the principles laid out in our Digital Ethics Charter and Data Protection Policy.

We are committed to conducting our research activities in line with our strict Bio Ethics Framework. We adhere to clear rules for animal testing, human biological sampling and the use of other emerging technologies.


Sponsorship Statement

Support provided to patient organisations is not disclosed within the central report. To see details of the support provided by Grünenthal to patient organisations and other groups in our local community, please click here.
... Sponsorship Statement

The Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA) (Transfers of Value - IPHA) has stipulated in its Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry that member companies disclose their data in a central report hosted by IPHA. Information regarding the disclosure of transfers of value in Ireland can be accessed directly from the IPHA website.
... Access the reports here

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