Requests for funding

Grunenthal Pharma Ltd (Ireland) is committed to enhancing patient care, and supporting the educational development of Healthcare Professionals in Ireland, by providing support through:

  • Financial grants to Healthcare and/or Patient Organisations
  • Educational meetings organised by Healthcare Organisations where Grunenthal Pharma Ltd (Ireland) is not purchasing a commercial opportunity such as a promotional stand.

Grunenthal Ireland does not support:

  • Grants to individual Healthcare Professionals, including requests for funding of development opportunities, individual research projects or degree courses (e.g. MSc, PhD)
  • Individual sponsorship requests from Healthcare Professionals for attendance at professional and scientific conferences
  • Purchase of equipment
  • Religious programmes
  • Funding to Political Parties, i.e. the provision of financial contribution to a political party
  • Charitable fundraising events outside the UK or Ireland
  • Social events.

Please note: every application will need to be reviewed and approved by the Grunenthal Grants and Donations Committee. No commitment can be formally made to you prior to the grant of such approval.

At the current time Grunenthal is only able to consider requests in the following therapy areas:

  • Pain related

The provision of funding by Grunenthal is by no means intended to induce or influence the prescription, administration, recommendation, purchase or sale of any Grunenthal medicines.

In order to apply for Grunenthal funding as explained above, please use this form to request support from Grunenthal.

Please allow eight clear weeks for your request to be processed and reviewed. Due to administrative reasons, we cannot consider requests with a shorter timeline.

We will keep a record of your name, email address, organisation address and other relevant information that you provide only for as long as required to process your application and meet financial, legal and transparency obligations. We will use this data for the purpose of evaluating your application and, if successful, processing and managing the application. You have rights to access your data. For more information on these rights and how we process personal data, please see our Privacy Policy. Thank you.

Ireland TOV rules also apply for any transfers of value.


Please provide the following details. Please note ALL sections marked with a * are mandatory.

Contact person at the organisation

Receipt of the request and the formal decision will be sent to this address and will not be used for any other purpose unless specified elsewhere.

Additional information

Please provide details of the activity or project, including a detailed breakdown of costs, and ensure you include any relevant background information. If more space is required, please attach additional pages to this request.

Please note: we cannot provide funds for as yet unapproved by GRUNENTHAL activities which have already happened or are currently on-going.

File upload

Please attach any supporting documentation if applicable.
Files must be less than 50 MB.

Allowed file types: jpg jpeg png pdf doc docx ppt pptx xls xlsx.

Personal details

Details of a person within the Requesting Institution who has the authority to sign the Agreement if the Request is approved. The Agreement will be sent to this person.

Please be advised that forms that are incomplete or requests where insufficient information is given or attached cannot be considered and will be immediately rejected.

M-N/A-IE-02-24-0003 - February 2024