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What we have to offer – and what we seek

We’re known for our expertise in pain and adjacent fields and have worked hard to build this reputation. Strong partnerships are fundamental to our success and our track record in this area is exceptional – our partners not only continue working with us, but are keen to extend our business relationships.

We put this success down to our integral Alliance Management Department, good communication, excellent compliance standards, strong business development and access to interesting markets. Our partners value our high-quality products and state-of-the-art production and product supply. We strengthen and develop our core markets through acquisitions, asset deals, in-licensing, commercialisation and distribution deals.


We’re focused on marketed prescription products for the retail and/or hospital business. We’re also interested in medical devices in pain or indications that target our existing customer groups:

  • all pain indications (including drugs for sub-populations)
  • inflammation
  • musculoskeletal diseases
  • perioperative care including innovative medicines and medical devices

North America

We’re looking to work with other licensing partners to grow the portfolio of products that use our innovative abuse deterrent formulation technology to treat various conditions. A typical collaboration model would be the joint, US-centred development of a product-technology combination up to approval stage. We are especially interested in partnering to produce extended/immediate/mixed release technology on a commercial scale.

Latin America

We have one of the leading regional platforms that covers all key markets in Latin America. Our focus is on products in late stage clinical development that are ready to be filed or marketed:

  • pain
  • women’s health
  • Central Nervous System disorders
  • neurology

Contract Manufacturing


We are actively looking for more opportunities to collaborate. From co-development and co-marketing to co-promotion and licensing, we are open to diverse kinds of partnerships. We’re especially interested in out-license assets in countries where we haven’t yet established a presence through subsidiaries such as in North America, the Middle East and Asia, especially Japan and China.

Research and Development

As a worldwide leader in pain, we’re skilled at creating cutting-edge solutions for patients with various pain diseases. We’re keen to draw on the expertise of our partners and are always looking to collaborate on exciting new development projects, especially in relation to:

  • Rx products and medical devices
  • pain
  • pain-related indications

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